Painted Doors

Why do I paint doors?
Doors represent life. My painted doors, tattered and torn, speak of lives well worn. A door is an opportunity to either stand on the threshold afraid and wondering “what if” or to turn the knob, take the step, walk through and find out.
What will your door look like at the end of your life? Will it still be sparkling with fresh paint, hardly used because of fear? Or will it be crumbling, falling off its hinges, because you took that chance, over and over again; you took the key, unlocked the door and went through to the other side?
I want these doors to be reminders that you are not stuck, your life is not stagnant, you have the key to change your circumstances; you just have to be brave enough to walk to the other side.
Why do I paint doors?
I paint them for the victims of bullying, those children who think where they are, is where they will always be. I paint them to show this is not life; open the door, step through, and know that one bad day, one bad person, does not represent anything more than a moment, one that will change, especially when you realize that the only opinion of you that matters is your own. Never let someone make you feel like less than you are, SLAM your door in their face and lock them out of your life.
I paint them for those who think suicide is an answer. I want anyone who has fallen that deeply into darkness to look at these doors, their door, and know that once it’s closed and locked for good, it can never be opened again. You will never have the opportunity to chip the paint, wear out the hinges, and show life that you are in control. Don’t ever let your door close while it’s still shiny and new. Life changes every day, over and over again. Keep your door wide open and let the changes pour in.
I paint doors for victims of abuse, (it’s why I painted my own) I want you to know that you are worth so much more. NEVER let someone else have the keys to your life. Make the decision that you are the only one in control of whether or not your door opens or closes, never let another person turn that lock and imprison you. I know it’s hard, I know that lock is rusty, but it’s yours, the only one you will ever get. What’s waiting on the other side is so worth the effort of taking that step.
Why do I paint doors?
I paint them because we all need a reminder, that where we are now is not where we will be tomorrow.
I paint them because we all have opportunities that remain unlived because we are afraid.
I paint them because one day we will all look back and realize that we should have turned that key more often. We should have taken that chance. We should have lived while the door was still able to swing wide.
The greatest story ever told, will be yours. Make sure that door is worn well!