Gift Certificates are here!

I've had several people ask about gift cards/certificates, and honestly it didn't seem feasible because of the way my store is set up. I looked into it, and the only way for it to be supported was to upgrade my monthly plan by $50 every 30 days. For a small business like mine, that's a huge chunk of money.

So, my husband being the creative genius he is came up with a workaround. 

With all that being said, I am thrilled to announce that we now offer gift certificates for the Penny Pets. 

Sample gift certificate.

How it works:
  • Simply go through the link provided to purchase. 
  • Total price includes one Painted Penny Pet + shipping
  • Within a few hours, your gift certificate with the coupon code will be emailed directly to you in a PDF document. (sample photo above)
  • Print it up, and the recipient enters the code at the Painted Penny Pet checkout.

For those friends you know would love a unique gift like this, but you want them to choose their own photo, this is the perfect solution.

Each pendant is completely hand-painted by me. No copies, no prints, no Photoshop, just an artist and her paintbrush.

Use the link below to get your gift certificate today. These make perfect gifts, and they are truly one of a kind. 

Each Penny Pet comes with a free bracelet.

Order yours here.