No more abandoned art!

You might be asking yourself, "who in the world would abandon art"? If you've ventured into a resale store, or even a garage sale lately, you'll see that it's not as uncommon as you might think.

Seeing so many unwanted treasures-I consider every piece of art a treasure since I know someone poured themselves into creating it.-it made me feel as if a little bit of someone's soul was sitting there, hoping to be loved again. I didn't want my art to be considered 'throwaway', so I needed to come up with something that would be treasured, always.

Cue Penny Pets.

Why a penny? When I saw one lying discarded and abandoned on the sidewalk, it resonated with me and brought back that same feeling I had when seeing canvas art abandoned in various places. I knew I could at least give the pennies a new life.

Penny Pets weren't born immediately, I had to labor through several designs and failures before finding one that was both attractive and durable.

Phase one had jump rings, which worked well, as long as you were always on the lookout for a gap in the opening. Busy people, mean wear and tear, and that translated to lost pets sometimes.

Phase two has glue on bales, that can actually be welded for extreme durability, which means several new styles will still be using these with the option to upgrade. (did I mention new styles of pennies will be rolling out over the next month? I'm beyond excited to share)

Phase 3 is my favorite, because it consists of a sterling silver bezel which completely wraps around the penny and gives it that extra punch of elegance. 

I have had so much fun creating these tiny treasures and hearing so much positive feedback. But, I know I couldn't be doing what I love without all of you, so thank you!