Painted Penny Pet-time lapse painting

What is it about a Doodle-dog that makes them so adorable? Add a red mohawk and you've got cuteness overload! Which is the exact combination I was working with last week.

I'm always excited when I open the link to a photo on a customers order; it's like a fun surprise every time. I don't know if I'm going to be painting a dog, a cat, or even on the rare and fun occasion...someone's pet bird.

Then comes BreckinDoodle...

Can you even imagine the big smile on my face when I saw this feisty-fur-baby staring back at me from the customer's download?  I know any fellow artists reading this completely understand my happiness. There is something so fun about getting the opportunity to paint something unique...and yes, a dog with a red mohawk is quite different.

Watch as I paint Breckin onto a penny.....

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What can I paint for you today?