What are Penny Pets?

Penny Pets are incredible portraits, completely hand painted onto a coin, which means you can take your precious pet anywhere you go.

I've had several people ask if these are actual paintings, or just images transferred onto the penny. I love this question because it means I've done a good job with the painting. And to answer the question, nope, these are not image transfers, they are 100% hand painted by me.

I'll share some of the process with you, that way you can appreciate the work that goes into each tiny masterpiece.

First, I open dozens of rolls of pennies..you would not believe how hard it is to find pretty coins that aren't full of dents and dings. (I do wash them before I use them)

Penny rolls

The process starts with attaching bales, then prepping the penny for painting. You can see there has been a lot of painting done here.

The Perfect PennyReady to paintPrimed to Paint

I love when someone asks how I paint something so small, because I get to say with a teeny-tiny brush. But, I actually use a few modified paintbrushes.

Altered brushes

Since I use acrylics, my sta-wet paint tray is a God-send, otherwise I'd be dealing with dry paint all the time.

I'm just going to add photos so you can watch the painting process. 

I finish them with a double process in order to ensure durability. You can wear the pendant charm as a necklace, or on a bracelet or keychain, but it's fun to show people that you have a miniature pet portrait that is truly one of a kind.

Order yours, or purchase one as a gift here...

Penny Pets