What would you wear...

...and how would you wear it?
If you could choose any image to be painted onto a penny, what would it be? I've been loving all of the animal portraits that I've been blessed to create, but I'm curious, for those who don't own pets, what makes your heart sing?
I ask because I have two new lines of Penny Portraits coming out over the next month, and I'd love to know what you would be proud to wear, also, where to wear? Do you prefer bracelets, necklaces, keychains, or something all together different?

The wrap around bezel makes the artwork completely versatile. 

I will also be adding a selection of add on charms, which will make it even more fun to shop for the perfect accessory!

When I first started painting on pennies, I did a lot of scenic artwork, i.e. favorite places that people have been to. Here in Michigan, we have quite a few gorgeously preserved lighthouses, and I did a series of those that were well received.

It's amazing how much detail can be squeezed onto a tiny surface!

As you can see if you've been following my progress and blogs, the lighthouses are designed in phase one's style, which I still love, but now I'm looking for painting ideas to add to phase 3's style. (the wrap around bezel)

Here are a few more examples of some of my commissioned requests. As you can see by the pictures, the possibilities are endless.

So tell me, what would you love to see painted on a penny?